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Online Safety and CEOP

We take online safety very seriously. Here are some ways in which we help our children to stay safe online:


  • School's internet service is heavily filtered by our Internet Service Provider.
  • We have a current e-safety policy.
  • When teaching Computing, our staff include online safety as part of the curriculum.
  • We run regular assemblies which give children opportunities to learn about and discuss online safety issues.
  • Derbyshire Constabulary run 'Internet Safety for Parents' meetings at our school.
  • Visitors from Derbyshire Constabulary support our efforts by taking assemblies and running workshops to teach children about online safety and cyber-bullying issues.
  • The children's area of our website has an online safety section which the children helped to write.
  • Posters are displayed around school.


Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Board

The DSCB is a body which works to ensure that children and young people throughout Derbyshire are kept safe and have their needs met. Their website is here.


Click the documents below to view the DSCB's 'Think About It' newsletter and leaflet. These contain advice concerning child sexual exploitation.



Online Gaming - Guides for Parents


Here at Codnor Primary, we love computers and computer games. They can be great learning experiences, as well as a lot of fun! This is, of course, as long as children are kept safe online. National Online Safety, an organisation committed to online safety, have published the following guides. We hope you find these helpful.



'Screen addiction'

It can be challenging for parents and carers to know whether children are spending too much time on their devices. Furthermore, it's even more of a challenge to know whether a child is addicted to social media. Read the guide below for information on what is known as 'screen addiction'.




Roblox is a multi-player online gaming platform which allows children to play and create a variety of 3D games. It also features online payments. There are some tips in the leaflet below for parents whose children are playing this game.




Snapchat is a photo sharing app for mobile phones and tablets. Some of our pupils are using this app, and there are some handy hints for parents in the leaflet below.



Fortnite: Battle Royale

"Fortnite: Battle Royale" is sweeping the nation at the moment, and we thought you'd appreciate National Online Safety's guide to the game. There are some tips in the guide to help keep children safe if they're playing.




Thanks to National Online Safety.



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