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2015 survey actions

This is how we responded to your survey last year.


Improve school dinners

We spoke to Derbyshire County council about this. Their Catering Supervisors visited, monitored, and spoke to some of you. They discussed the school meals choice, and how much food you were given with School Council.  Now, mid-day supervisors, our admin manager and Mr Bower are keeping check on the choice, quality and quantity.


We have one remaining toilet which has not yet been improved. This is due to be done in the school holidays. Some of you have looked at the plans, and had a say in colour schemes.

Playground toys/games/activities

We have bought more toys and resources for outside. Mid-day supervisors have been trained in directing play activities. We now have a play leader who runs activities and gives certificates out in assembly. We now have Mini Leaders (older children organising activities for younger ones).


We are still looking into this. There are real difficulties with space.

Chairs in Assembly

We looked into this. It's a lovely idea for the children to be seated in assembly, but we don't have the the time for daily moving of chairs for a short assembly.

More interesting activities

We have introduced more music, dance and drumming activities; languages; trips; visiting actors and food workshops. We have bought new cameras, greenscreen and film equipment and new PE equipment. We have improved after-school classes and clubs.

Improvements to garden area

This project is now well on the way, complete with a safe pond. In the summer, children will be able to use the area to play board games/read/etc.

Improvements to the field and outdoor areas

The trim trail is now in place - you've told us that you really like it! As you suggested, we've put a rota on football and the trim trail so that everyone gets a chance.