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2016 survey results and actions

All surveys were anonymous - you didn't have to write your name. We wanted to know what you really thought.


Question Most or All of the Time
Do you enjoy coming to school? 91%

Do you enjoy your learning?

Do you feel safe at school? 97%
Has school helped you to feel safer online? 95%
Could you advise a younger child how to stay fit and healthy? 90%
Do you have an adult in school who you can talk to? 89%
Do the teachers listen to what you say? 92%
Does the school respect your thoughts and ideas? 96%
When you're working in a group, do the other children respect your ideas? 74%
Do children in our school behave well? 98%
Is our school free from bullying? 82%
If bullying does happen, do the teachers deal with it properly? 93%
Do your teachers let you know how to improve in your learning and what you need to do next? 97%
Is the level of difficulty of your work right for you? 82%
Do you have ways to help yourself in your learning? 72%
Do the marking and feedback symbols help you to know how to improve? 92%
Do targets help you know how to improve? 88%


What do you enjoy most about school?

Younger children talked a lot about their enjoyment of play. Older children enjoy their breaktimes, being outdoors and PE. Lots of pupils said they enjoyed being with their friends and teachers. Lots of children mentioned that they enjoy maths, fun lessons, science and music. One Y4 wrote, "I love learning new things every day."


How could our school be made even better?

Younger children mentioned more toys and outdoor play. All age groups mentioned more PE and outdoor activities, and more clubs. Lots of children wrote, "Our school could not be any better!" which is a nice thing to hear!


Please write down any ways that school has recently made things better for you.

Lots of children wrote about the marking and feedback symbols, learning points and houses, new targets and specific teachers. Some children wrote about ways we have improved the buildings and school grounds, e.g. the canopy which will shortly be built in lower school, the trim trail, and the new hut. One child wrote, "They gave me hope in my tests."


Is there anything else you would like to tell us about Codnor Primary School?

We only had positive comments here - thank you for that. Some children wrote, "Best school ever!"




Things which we would like to improve, now we know what you think.

  • We would like to improve the number of children who think their ideas are respected when they are working in groups.
  • Although children say that we deal with any bullying properly, we don't want ANY bullying at our school. Please talk to a member of staff if you think you're being bullied or if you're unhappy with anything. You can also help other children by telling us if you're worried that someone else is having a problem.
  • We would like even more children to have ways of helping themselves in their learning before asking a teacher.
  • We are going to improve the pond and garden area so that you can use it when you want a quiet breaktime.
  • We are going to try to have even more sport, and chances to work outdoors.
  • We are going to buy more play equipment for outdoors.


Things which sound great, but we cannot do!

  • Swimming pool
  • Zip wire
  • Indoor football pitch




Some lovely comments - we had to include these! smiley

  • Amazing
  • Epic and educational
  • Fun
  • I’d like to say that this is the best school ever
  • Kind school
  • I would certainly recommend this school
  • It’s welcoming
  • There should be a Year 7
  • Best school in the holy world
  • I’m grateful for the things they give me
  • There is no better school anywhere
  • Loveable teachers
  • I really like that our teaching assistant has gone through school with us
  • No school could be better
  • Codnor is the best school I’ve been to
  • I love the school and will be really upset when I leave
  • Kind helpful thoughtful teachers
  • I think it is perfect. Mr Bower should be proud. Thank you for this amazing school