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Autumn 2 - Gingerbread men

Learning about our wider world!

In order to be able to make our gingerbread men biscuits, we had to buy the ingredients first. To develop on our cultural capital, we had a walk to our local Tesco supermarket. We had a list of ingredients and had to find them in the store. Once we found them, we took the items to the till where the helpful shopkeepers told us how much the ingredients were. We gave them the money and took our ingredients back to school. 

We have been reading the story of 'The Gingerbread Man,' and we thought cooking club would be a good time to make gingerbread men! We looked at the pictures and text on the recipe and used this to help us make the gingerbread men. We enjoyed pouring the golden syrup into the mix, "it was gooey!" We used our rolling pins safely to roll out the dough and we were careful using the biscuit cutters to make the men shapes.
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