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Boogie Beats at The Firs

We have been lucky enough to keep our links going this year with the local community by being invited back to The Firs Nursing Home. This is helping to develop our cultural capital by walking from school to the nursing home, joining in with Boogie Beats session and interacting with people from all generations. We love this experience and parents have commented that "they look forward to boogie beats all week!"

We have thought hard about keeping safe when we cross the roads, linking to our wider world whole school topic. We only cross with grown ups at pedestrian crossings and listen to our grown up at all times.



Session 1 - reading and signing the enormous pumpkin story.

Session 2 - playing instruments, listening to a story and using the parachute!

Session 3 - christmas gingerbread man story and we met Santa!

Session 4 - instruments and stories

We enjoyed reading and acting out a story this week about a monkey. The monkey was very kind and shared the bananas with his friends instead of keeping them to himself. We did some good sharing with the residents by handing out musical instruments to them. We also thought about how to be a good friend within our classroom.

Session 5 - Boogie Beats for Sport Relief

We raised money for Sport Relief this year by walking down to Boogie Beats and working hard in the session. We learnt all about dinosaurs and acted out a dinosaur story. We made different positions with our bodies to be different dinosaurs and had lots of fun! We then came back to Nursery and enjoyed more exercise outside!