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Marking Symbols



We're currently reviewing our marking and feedback policy. Check back here soon for more information.

When you look at your child's books, you will see a number of symbols in the margin which our teachers use to give feedback to children about their work. Some of the symbols show children where they have made a mistake, and they are then given the chance to review their work, make corrections, and give feedback of their own. This is one of the ways in which we encourage independent working.


Symbols are introduced at different times for different age-groups (see the list at the end of this page), and the teacher decides when the use of a particular symbol will help to move a child's learning forward.


Our children all have a chart similar to the one below in their books, and displayed in their classrooms. Click a symbol for more information about it.



All Key Stages


Key Stage 1 and 2


Key Stage 2