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Nursery - The land that time forgot! Spring 1

A mysterious egg appeared in the Nursery! Over the coming days, the egg began to crack and suddenly it opened! We looked for the clues left by the animal and we found that a dinosaur had come to visit us!!

The mystery egg!!

The mystery egg!! 1
The mystery egg!! 2
The mystery egg!! 3
The mystery egg!! 4
The mystery egg!! 5
The mystery egg!! 6
The mystery egg!! 7
We began learning about dinosaurs and what they looked like. We used different tools and techniques and our creative brains to make dinosaurs out of junk modelling materials. Some of us even worked together to make a dinosaur. We are very proud of our work!
The children were very interested to find out what kind of environment the dinosaurs lived in. We worked together to makeĀ a paper mache volcano, then watched it erupt before our very eyes. As you can see from the photos, we were in awe and wonder with what was happening!


Volcano 1
Volcano 2
Volcano 3
Volcano 4
Volcano 5
Volcano 6
Volcano 7
Volcano 8