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Spring 1

Winter Walk

We went on a Winter walk in our local area to find signs of Winter. We learnt about Winter first in the classroom, then used our knowledge to see what we could find. We wrapped up warm in our coats, hats and scarves as it was very cold outside! We used the tuff cams to take photos of all the different signs of Winter.  

During our Winter topic, we learnt about the birds not having much food for the Winter. We felt like we wanted to help the birds during this season, so we made simple bird feeders from cereal. We used our strong fingers to thread the cereal onto a pipe cleaner, then hooked the bird feeders onto the trees. We are looking after our wider world and helping the environment. 

Chinese New Year

We learnt all about Chinese New Year this half term. We feel that it is important to think about different festivals to develop an understanding about our wider world. We had lots of fun making a Chinese stir fry. See the cooking club page for photos of what fun we had!

A sign of Winter that we loved!

We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw huge snowflakes falling down from the sky. We had to make the most of this fantastic opportunity to experience a sign of winter that we haven't seen in a long time! It was very cold and slippery outside so we had to make sure we were wearing our warm coats and wellie boots! We had so much fun trying to catch the snowflakes!