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Spring Term 2019

Teddy Times Newsletter Spring 2

Spring has sprung at Codnor Primary School! We are very lucky to have a pond at school and we got the chance see frogs hopping around in there! We also saw frogspawn which got us talking about the life cycle of a frog. We love looking at nature and talking about the World around us.


For World Book Day, we had an Elmer Day to link in with our book of the week, which was Elmer. We dressed in bright colours, made Elmer ears and made colourful Elmer biscuits!

We enjoyed learning about Shrove Tuesday and how we as Christians celebrate it. We were excited to have an extra cooking club session to make fresh pancake batter. We were very good at stirring the mix carefully and we certainly enjoyed eating the pancakes with our favourite toppings!

Teddy Times Newsletter Spring Term 1

We enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year and learning about these different traditions. We tasted yummy Chinese Food and played Chinese Music whilst dancing a dragon dance. We also turned our home corner into a Chinese Restaurant and we wrote Happy New Year cards. Kung Hei Fat Choi!

We were very lucky to meet real life heroes - a nurse and a police officer. It was interesting to find out what they did in their job and how they helped people. The nurse helped George Bear get better when he had bumped his head and hurt his leg. It was fun trying on all of the police officers equipment. It inspired us to want to be real life heroes when we are older.
Our topic this half term is continuing with Heroes, Villains and Heroines. We have met a new Superhero called Supertato! We received a letter from the Evil Pea who had frozen the carrots! We had to write wanted posters to let everyone know what the pea looked like. We put the posters up all around school, to let the whole school know about an evil pea on the loose! We caught him and trapped him in Jelly, thank goodness! We enjoyed making our own Supertato models and enjoyed trying to mash the frozen peas!