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English at Codnor Primary School reflects the purposeful journey for the whole child. English is taught both discretely and threaded throughout our topics whenever possible, matching genres to topics.


See the reading progression framework below. Elements from each reading domain are sequenced logically so that they build on each other, and previous elements are revisited regularly to help children remember what they have been previously taught.


See the writing progression framework below. Every genre studied covers the objectives in the Writing Progression Framework, if the objective can apply to that genre.



  • Pupils leave at the end of Y6 being able to read fluently and with enjoyment.
  • To attain a level of literacy necessary for pupils to succeed at secondary school and the years beyond.
  • In phonics, all pupils to be able to blend and segment.
  • Teach comprehension skills in a way which allows pupils to remember their previous learning (following EEF recommendations).