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Helping the Wider World

We're proud of our fundraising and charity work. As well as raising money for good causes, it helps our children appreciate that we should help others who are less fortunate, or who are experiencing difficult times. It also helps them understand others' lives beyond our local community, and the challenges they face. We're also very proud of the way in which our children organise and take control of their own charity events in school (and outside school) to raise money for worthy causes.



In September 2017, we began raising money for the very worthwhile charity 'WaterAid', which works in 28 countries to help provide clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.


Water is essential for life. 70% of our planet's surface is water and without it there would be no life here at all. Some people have lots of safe water to use, whereas others have very little.


When we need clean water, we just turn on a tap and there it is! But in some of the countries where WaterAid works, there is no water nearby. One of the photos below was taken in Mozambique and shows a family on their way back from collecting dirty water from a river. Millions of children around the world have to do this every day.

Carrying the heavy water containers on their heads can damage children's necks and spines and affect them for the rest of their lives. Even when there is water to collect, it is often very dirty. Often, it comes from a pond or river.

WaterAid is a charity that works to transform these people's lives. They raise funds to build wells and install taps in poor communities in Africa and Asia. They also help people to build toilets and teach them about good hygiene, reducing the chances of them catching diseases.

So far, we have raised over £500 for WaterAid at our harvest festivals and through other donations over the year. Many thanks to our community for your support!




In May 2015, our school held a sponsored run, in aid of the earthquake which struck Nepal in the previous April. We managed to raise a massive £1120! This was spent specifically on rebuilding a small Nepalese primary school which had been destroyed by the earthquake (it measured 7.8 on the Richter Scale).


The school is in the small remote village of Sanogumela, which is just off the main Everest Trail between Lukla and Namche-Bazaar. It has 100 pupils who walk many miles daily to get to school. Through a local contact, Mr Roger Moakes - a volunteer worker and frequent visitor to Nepal - our children learned about the devastation and wanted to do something to help the community.


We received regular updates on the relief work. Our contact in Sanogumela was Jangbu. He was delighted to hear about the work we did in school, and made good use of our community's generous donations.

August 2015

We received this update from Len Graham:



I heard from Jangbu last week and he tells me that work is now in full flow in the village and that many houses are now being rebuilt. Fortunately the weather in the monsoon season has not been too bad and they are managing to get a lot of work done. They have managed to bring a couple of rooms at the school back in to service on a temporary basis and are holding classes there. Given the landslip close to the school, it has been decided with the Himalayan Trust to build a new school in a different location. Jangbu informs me that he is on the committee for the new school so I will keep you posted on any progress and hopefully have a few more photos for you before the start of term in the UK.


Incredibly the village is still suffering aftershocks from the earthquake but it is such a frequent occurrence that the villagers are now used to it.


Once more, many thanks for all the help that your school has given to Sanogumela village. 


Best wishes.



October 2015

Thanks to the generosity of our local community, school's Harvest Festival raised a further £248.60 for Sanogumela. This brought the grand total to £1368.60!


December 2015

We received an email from Nepal:


Hi Sir


This is Jangbu from Nepal. Near Everest Base camp. Thank you for all your support to our  School Susan moakes and Len. Send me all the detail of your help. I'm so sorry about delay of the responding You . There were no internet service in the village so couldn't  write you. Thank you fear every thing. We have build a school building from the money you send and clear all the ruble at the school Ground. I will send you photos soon.


With regards




January 2016

Fundraising over the Christmas period brought our grand total to £2000.00 for Sanogumela! Thank you to our great community for their generous donations.


May 2016

We received this email:


After the two devastating earthquakes in the region of the Himalayas around Katmandu, many of the villages are waiting for more funds to be released so that they can rebuild their homes.


However, your generous donations have gone straight to Jangbu's village, and as a result, most of their rebuilding is complete.


The children are back in their school and nearly all the homes are completely finished. They are now saving to buy a plot of land to use as a playground, because the original one slipped down the hillside and disappeared.


All the people in the village want to say a big thank you to all of you at Codnor Community Primary School and everyone else from your community who have helped to rebuild their lives.


November 2016

After our Harvest Festivals - and thanks to again our community's support - we were able to send a further £140 to Sanogumela. We received this note, together with some pictures (click to enlarge):


Our new school buildings are under construction and part of the building has the new roof on. We are so lucky. If Codnor School continue sending money, next we will use it for toilets and shower.


Thank you.




Chamissava, Mozambique

Chamissava is a small village in Maputo - a province in Mozambique, South-East Africa. Our school helped Chamissava Primary School for over twelve years. In total, we raised over £3000!


Over the years, with our donations, Chamissava Primary School bought stationery and resources for art and design technology. We also raised enough money to build a well near to their school. Their staff and children carved 'CODNOR SCHOOL' in the concrete on the lid of the well. What a lovely way to say thanks!


Press play to watch a video showing the people of Chamissava, and some of the great ways in which our community's donations have been spent.

Still image for this video