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How do we identify and assess children with SEND?

Our starting point is to meet with parents/carers in the summer term before children start school. We appreciate that parents/carers are the first educators of their child and we need their knowledge to help us plan effectively.

We plan careful transitions for children starting at Codnor Primary School. Where a child has particular needs, our staff will speak with a child's previous teacher before a child joins our school.

We ask whether parents/carers have any concerns about their children, or if their child has any additional needs. This helps us to plan how we will support their child once they start school.

We assess all children in the first half term in our school through careful and sensitive classroom observation and an early review of progress. Importantly, we also listen to children to find out how they are settling in to school.

Through a child's time in our school, we continue to assess and monitor so that we can look out for any special educational needs that might arise later on.

We work with specialist services, for example Educational Psychologists and Speech Therapists. They can provide expertise in finding out the type and range of a child's needs.

We follow Derbyshire County Council's guidance for the identification of SEND.

We are committed to personalised planning and regular assessment/review cycles to make sure that children make progress.


You can see more details on how we identify children with SEND in our SEND policy.



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