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Key Stage 2


Work in Progress!

We're putting this page together to showcase some of the great things we do in in Key Stage 2. Please excuse the lack of pictures and content in some areas while we get it all together and scanned in. Check back soon!



Art and Design

Picture 1 Create computer-controlled fairground rides
Picture 2 Use an art app for fairground ride logos
Picture 3 Create beautiful 3D artwork
Picture 4 Model violent volcanoes
Picture 5 Design delicious sandwich snacks
Picture 6 Host a visit from 'The Iron Man'
Picture 7 Use clay to model 'Viking Visages'
Picture 8 Produce electronic abstract artwork
Picture 9 Paint sunsets and silhouettes
Picture 10 Study and replicate African art
Picture 11 Model mythical monsters



Picture 1 Learn a range of different instruments
Picture 2 Be a 'Versatile Violinist'
Picture 3 Prove that 'Brass is Class!'
Picture 4 Take keyboard and piano lessons
Picture 5 Play in a Rock Band!
Picture 6 Sing in our choir
Picture 7 Play with the Hallé Orchestra


PE and Sport

Picture 1 Win athletics competitions!
Picture 2 Try orienteering
Picture 3 Join our girls' cricket team...
Picture 4 ...or our girls' football team!
Picture 5 Participate in dance competitions
Picture 6 Win sports days
Picture 7 Meet Phil Hogg (paratriathlete)
Picture 8 Go up the wall at Lea Green
Picture 9 Show everyone your 'Bikeability'!
Picture 10 Play Tag Rugby against other schools
Picture 11 GO FOR IT at the Tough Runner Challenge!
Picture 12 'Go Ride!' at this cycle racing competition



Picture 1 Perform in plays
Picture 2 Write and present fascinating reports
Picture 3 Make information montages
Picture 4 Perform poetry at our Poetry Festivals
Picture 5 Invent delicious recipes
Picture 6 Write and sell school magazines



Picture 1 Use air resistance to save the egg!
Picture 2 Create your own gas!!
Picture 3 Launch rockets
Picture 4 Get to grips with electrical circuits



Picture 1 Design a bungalow to learn about area/perimeter
Picture 2 Watch the cashflow as you design your own zoo


RE and Collective Worship

Picture 1 Explore Christianity...
Picture 2 ...and ask questions
Picture 3 Design posters: 'Wanted: A Messiah'
Picture 4 Celebrate our Prayer Tree...
Picture 5 ...and add thoughts and prayers
Picture 6 Take time for thought in our Reflection Areas
Picture 7 Take part in traditional church services...
Picture 8 ...and Carols Around the Tree!
Picture 9 Learn about Christmas around the world
Picture 10 Get CRAFTY! (Lotus flower - a symbol of Buddhism)



Picture 1 Program arcade games...
Picture 2 ...and charge 10p a go at our school fairs!
Picture 3 Make and edit movies...
Picture 4 ...while learning how to create special effects!



Keep reading! Check out our KS2 Class Page to see what we've been up to recently!

The Curriculum Information Page contains more information about the curriculum which we teach our children.