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How do we make sure that teaching and support help children to learn and make good progress?

We know that quality-first teaching and well-matched support make a big difference to the progress of children with SEND.

Making sure that this happens in all classrooms is one of the most important things that our school leaders do. We make sure that all teachers and teaching assistants (TAs) have a clear understanding of their children's learning needs.

School leaders, including the SENCO, work closely with teachers and support staff to provide effective teaching and support for children with SEND in a variety of ways. These include:

  • teachers' planning of differentiated tasks which ensure that all children are able to make progress, and have the opportunity to choose something more challenging if they are finding their work too easy;
  • supporting the class teacher to take full responsibility for the learning and progress of all children;
  • the use of a variety of teaching approaches, including guiding learning through demonstration and providing visual support material;
  • providing a stimulating, rich and interactive classroom environment;
  • the use of assessments which help teachers to track pupils' progress and identify gaps in their understanding;
  • an assessment and feedback policy which ensures that children know how to improve their work and respond to feedback from their teachers;
  • providing additional adult support where appropriate from well-trained TAs;
  • making specialist equipment and digital technology available where necessary to support access and participation in learning.

We help all children to develop their skills as learners – and to persevere when they find their learning difficult.



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