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Google Classroom hosts school's remote learning system. Click here to login with your username and password. There are some tutorials on YouTube at this link.


Online learning with Purple Mash. Click here to login with your username and password.
Practise your times tables and earn coins! TT Rock Stars is a carefully sequenced programme of daily times tables practice. Click here to login with your username and password.
Use efficient mental calculation strategies to add and subtract two-digit numbers, so that children can leave counting on their fingers behind! Click here to login with your username and password.

Online lessons and explanations which our teachers can signpost children towards if children need to work from home.

We use White Rose as a basis for planning our teaching and learning in maths - and there are many online resources there for home learning. You can browse through these yourselves, and if children have to learn from home, a teacher can direct them to areas which will help.

BBC Bitesize contains daily lessons for children on a variety of subjects and topics.


During remote learning, you can use these to supplement the lessons provided by your child's class teacher. Class teachers might sometimes include links to BBC Bitesize explanations, quizzes and resources.

Below you can find packs for primary school children. Each one contains a schedule of suggested activity challenges for the week and daily activity cards.


You don't have to do them in the suggested order or in fact do them all, if you really enjoy one day there is nothing stopping you doing that activity every day! These are purely suggestions, and make sure that all activities are carried out in a safe way.




Here are the National Curriculum Statutory Spelling Lists for KS2.


You can see more information about school's remote learning offer on our Policies page. Find the document 'Providing remote education - info for parents'.