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A purposeful journey for the whole child, which equips our pupils with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in all aspects of life, both inside and outside of the classroom.



The importance of preparing our children for the future and for their lives beyond school cannot be overstated.


We recognise that our children are a valuable part of our future community, so our curriculum is specifically designed with the needs of our children in mind. Our curriculum is personalised and unique. It takes our children on a journey which provides opportunities for them to develop skills and knowledge - both academic and personal - which will ensure that success is achievable for all, regardless of circumstance.


We understand the importance of the National Curriculum and ensure that its objectives are organised into well-structured and progressive learning journeys. We provide opportunities for pupils to build on, and further develop, their skills and knowledge in preparation for their lives beyond primary school.


We value the development of the whole child. Our children are not just learners - they are explorers, investigators, enthusiasts, performers, decision makers, contributors, creators, role models, members of society, and ultimately the future of our community and the world beyond it. Our curriculum provides opportunities in addition to the National Curriculum to build cultural capital and enable children to become well-rounded members of society.


We achieve the above by structuring our curriculum into three areas of equal value: The National Curriculum, My Place in the World, and Enrichment. Running through this, and supporting it, is Behaviour for Learning.


What makes our curriculum unique?

Alongside the National Curriculum, our Enrichment, Behaviour for Learning and My Place in the World strands were developed as a staff, and in collaboration with parents, pupils, governors and other members of the community. We have identified these areas to help us tailor our curriculum to the specific needs of our children:



Our priority is to keep our children safe. We work collaboratively in school and with outside agencies to accomplish this, but children also need to learn the skills necessary to accomplish this independently.


Thankfully, children do not have significant exposure to bullying within school, and as such, they can find the concept of bullying difficult due to lack of experience. However, we must prepare them for life outside of the classroom and their future lives.


From an online safety standpoint, the majority of children at our school have access to technology which gives them the opportunity for extended periods of screen-time and to interact with others over the Internet. They need to understand the risks associated with this and how to protect themselves.

MulticulturalismIn our local community of Codnor, our children do not often encounter people from other religions or cultures and are unfamiliar with how to challenge unhealthy attitudes and perceptions. It is important in Britain's multicultural society that children understand diversity, and that they welcome and celebrate differences.

Many forms of diversity are new and unfamiliar concepts which our children haven't yet experienced. In society recently, there has been an increased awareness of forms of diversity (known as 'protected characteristics') and the challenging of stereotypes. This includes their coverage in the media, to which children may have access. It is important that children welcome differences and value people's personal choices. It is also important that our children feel comfortable and supported if they make choices like these themselves.

Christian ValuesOur school is a Church of England school, and we welcome people of any religion or none. Christian Values provide a good foundation for life and promote respect and tolerance for others. Our children need to understand how to learn from the Bible and transfer the teachings of Jesus into everyday life. They need to appreciate the value that members of our church have in contributing to their own personal development and growth.
British Values

Although at Codnor Primary we celebrate diversity, it is also important for our children to value and celebrate being part of Britain and understand some of the traditions, values and institutions of which British people can be proud.

Behaviour for Learning

Our children need to be equipped with the skills to enable them to succeed independently regardless of their personal circumstances. These skills will help them to enjoy their learning and take genuine pride in it. We explicitly teach our children the following learning behaviours: resilience, endurance, independence, collaboration, creativity, challenge (including taking safe risks), reflection, imagination, and engagement.

Life beyond education

Children of a primary school age are often less exposed to situations in the real world (e.g. preparing meals, administering first aid, etc.) where experience and independence are needed to succeed. Our children leave Codnor Primary equipped with the skills to succeed academically and personally. One part of this is to prepare them to be able to thrive independently in their life outside of education. Another part is to begin to be aware of the 'bigger picture' of their lives (e.g. possible careers, etc.)

Community involvement 

One of our school's strengths is the sense of community as a two-way partnership. Our children must maintain this; developing pride in belonging to, contributing to, and interacting with the community.

Locality and traditions of Codnor

Our locality is certainly worth celebrating, and is held in high regard by the community. Our children must understand this, celebrating the history of Codnor and being proud of where they are from.


Personal circumstances do not always allow children to experience the range of experiences necessary to build cultural capital. We appreciate that our role in nurturing a child does not simply begin and end in a classroom. Our children experience a range of enrichment programmes throughout their time at our school which help to develop the whole child, from building self-esteem and confidence to applying their skills in real-life situations. This is not just in school - children have the opportunity to visit places in the local community and further afield. It is important that children celebrate their achievements.

Valuing education

We believe that we provide our children with an education they can be proud of. It is important for children to realise that they are fortunate to receive an education, whereas others in the world are not so lucky. Our children should know the benefits of each subject and how these may help to provide opportunities for them in the future. We expect and encourage our children to maintain their positive attitude to education throughout their time at Codnor Primary School and beyond.