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Key Stage 1

"You decide, we provide!"


To help with the transition between the Early Years and Key Stage One the children continue to be at the centre of our curriculum. The children's interests form the basis of our topic based approach, allowing them to have ownership of their own learning.  This cross curricular approach enables the children to apply previously learnt skills within all areas of learning, without even realising! We ensure that our literacy and numeracy skills are used within other areas of the curriculum giving them never ending opportunities to put their learning and skills to the test!


The KS1 children have worked closely with those children in EYFS to create this years topics;


  • Blood, bones and brains
  • Heroes, Heroines and Villains
  • Ay up me duck!
  • Carle's Creations
  • Ship ahoy!


Whilst delivering a fun and enjoyable curriculum, staff ensure that all children are challenged and supported appropriately, according to each child's learning style and needs. This allows all children the opportunity to reach their full potential and succeed.


Whilst doing this the children are continually assessed against the September 2014 national curriculum outcomes. This allows staff and children to set achievable yet challenging targets in reading, writing and maths, ensuring that we all succeed.