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Mr James Blake


Key Stage Leaders

Miss Laura Freeman (EYFS)

Mrs Rebecca Hibbitt (KS2)

Miss Rebecca Wilson (KS1)



Mrs Jo Goodburn


Teaching Staff - Early Years Foundation Stage

Miss Laura Freeman - Reception

Mrs Gemma Hobson - Nursery


Teaching Staff - Key Stage One

Miss Cathy Barton - Year 2

Mrs Bridget Rogers - Year 1

Miss Rebecca Wilson - Year 2


Teaching Staff - Key Stage Two

Miss Cathy Barton - Year 3

Mr Andy Buckle - Year 4/Year 5

Mrs Jo Goodburn - Year 5

Mrs Rebecca Hibbitt - Year 6

Mr Rob Sellers - Year 3/Year 4


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs Michelle Freeman (PPA EYFS/KS1)

Mrs Julie Richardson (PPA KS2)


Teaching & Learning Assistants

Miss Rachael Butler

Mrs Tracey Day

Mrs Pauline Forster

Mrs Tracey Nightingale

Mrs Jennie Reynolds

Mrs Jackie Shaw

Mrs Lorraine Stocks

Mrs Janet Thompson

Mr Rob Webb


School Business Manager

Mrs Jackie Waller


School Business Assistant

Mrs Carol Stevenson


Midday Supervisors

Miss Hayley Bednall

Mrs Emily Biggs

Miss Sam Blore 

Mrs Rita Housley

Miss Toni Kirk

Mrs Janet Lawn

Mrs Janet Peters

Miss Lianne Pottage

Miss Rachel Seston

Miss Larissa Thornhill


Play Leader

Mr Rob Webb


Site Manager

Mr Brian Warner



Mrs Rita Housley

Mrs Janet Lawn

Mrs Lisa Mills

Miss Rachel Seston 


Catering Supervisor

Mrs Ruth Walker 


Catering Assistants

Mrs Carol Mathers

Mrs Amanda Moss

Mrs Julie Spink