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It is my privilege to be the priest on the Governing Body of our school, here in Codnor.


There are so many positive points to our school, it is impossible to list them all! I am always struck by the displays in the corridors and classrooms, and the work the children do on matters of faith that shows a very clear understanding of the Christian Faith. I believe that I am known and recognised by all the children both in school and in the community. The time I spend in school is much appreciated by the children and staff.


As Christians we believe that we are all known by God, by name, and are all equally important in God's eyes. It is the same in school. Each child is just as important and precious, to be encouraged and enabled to grow in faith, to develop as a person and to be encouraged to share with each other in all aspects of life.

Codnor Primary School is a truly caring school - a school where the Christian Faith is taught and lived.


Rev Christopher Holden