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Book Swap (Oct 2015)


We all outgrow our books - even adults do! frown That's why our English team decided to hold their own BOOK SWAP!


Many children donated books which they didn't need any more, and picked up a few new ones which sparked their interest and imagination. A comfy reading area in the hall was set aside for children and their parents/carers to look through the books, have a cup of tea, and make their choices - all for the cost of... £0.00!


Book Swap was a big success, and we look forward to holding another one again soon. Lots of people went away with some super books. A big thanks to all the children who donated their unneeded books, so that they can be enjoyed again.


Picture 1 All set to go, waiting for our first customers!
Picture 2 Teddy is ready!
Picture 3 Many avid readers browse the tables.
Picture 4 LOADS of books for the taking!
Picture 5 Enjoying their choices.
Picture 6 Sharing a book together.
Picture 7 Take your pick!
Picture 9 Decisions, decisions!
Picture 10 A smashing place to share a good book!