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Children in Need (November 2017)

Wow! Children in Need 2017! We were overwhelmed by the support from our brilliant community. Our children arrived on Friday morning with games, baking, goodie-bags, books, and a million other things - all to make money for this very worthy cause. We had a great day - and made some serious money for charity. Thanks very much. heart


The grand total raised is £835.00!


Children in Need 2017 at Codnor Primary actually started in January! Friends of our school, Dorothy and Jennifer, began producing knitted characters for the raffle - almost 100 of them filled Mr Bower's office! Dorothy also baked the fantastic Children in Need CAKE, which had to be seen to be believed. Thank you, Dorothy and Jennifer, for your amazing work!



We had some of the most amazing (and creative!) stalls and games this year - all organised and run by our children. From cookies to slime, video games to cup cakes, and electricity to popcorn, we had the lot!



Thanks to Mr Dymock and our great kitchen staff, we also had LOADS of delicious Pudsey biscuits to sell. We also managed to get a picture of Mr Dymock with our children - he's such a busy man! We were especially impressed by his ears.



Here are some more pics of us enjoying ourselves in our fancy dress. You may also see some members of staff letting their hair down! smiley



2PM, and it's assembly time! Members of the School Council (ably aided by Mrs Day) took charge of the raffle and the prizes. Here they are, showing off some of their amazing prizes. Including, of course, THE CAKE.



To start the assembly, two of our Y6 children created and performed a dance which got everyone singing and clapping along. Codnor's Got Talent! frown



It's prizes time! FINGERS CROSSED!!



Cakes and treats left over from our sales were sold to hungry parents, grandparents, families and friends at the end of the day.



Counting the cash! Here's a big bowl of money - £835 of it in total - all going to Children in Need! Thanks again for your support, and we hope you're watching a bit of Pudsey tonight! no