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Garden Renovations (July 2016)



Some of our children told us that they wanted a quiet area where they could spend some of their breaktimes, so towards the end of 2015 we began a complete renovation of the old school garden. It is joined to the KS2 playground by a gate. This area was previously out-of-bounds unless a teacher was present, because there was a pond. Which leaked.


The children said that ideally they would like a place where they could read, chat, or play board games which was away from the hustle and bustle of everyday breaktimes. They also wanted to keep the pond!


Our challenge was - how to have a quiet area with a safe pond (so that no-one could fall in!) which could be supervised by a prefect during breaktimes. We also wanted to make sure that children could still do pond-dipping and other activities which are part of their learning.






To keep it safe, our pond has an industry-standard grid which lies just below the water line. It's impossible to fall in! smiley
Gravel, turf and bedding plants make the garden look lovely.




Our children can now enjoy the garden. One advantage is that there's a door straight into the upper school library,
so a good book is only a few steps away!

Thanks to Lyla for taking the smashing photos!

Great job, Lyla! smiley