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Class Christmas Parties

Party time! Here are the dates and arrangements for the class Christmas parties this year.


  • Arrangements and activities for each class are different, depending on what the teacher and children want to do.
  • Each class will send a letter to parents to let them know what will be happening on their party day.
  • Children will not need to bring any party food, as the parties happen before or after lunch. Lunchtime arrangements are unchanged, so those who bring a packed lunch should do so as normal, and those who have school dinners will have their dinner as normal.
  • Children are welcome to come to school in their party clothes on the morning of their party day.
  • All Nursery children will be having their party on the morning of Tuesday 20th December, so all Nursery children (whether morning, afternoon, or 30 hours) are welcome to attend the morning session.


Date Class
Tues 20th Dec

Mrs Hobson (Nursery)

Miss Marshall (Reception)

Mr Buckle (Y4)

Weds 21st Dec

Mrs Rogers (Reception/Y1)

Miss Barton (Y3)

Miss McKirdy (Y5)

Mrs Hibbitt (Y6)

Thurs 22nd Dec

Miss Wilson (Y1/2)

Mrs Goodburn (Y2)