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Class e mail addresses

Just a quick reminder of class e mail addresses if you are having any problems accessing the remote learning for your child or if you need a reminder of your log in details. 


nursery@codnor.derbyshire.sch.uk             Nursery Mrs Hobson 

pandabears@codnor.derbyshire.sch.uk      Reception Miss Akhtar 

koalabears@codnor.derbyshire.sch.uk        Rec/Year 1 Mrs Rogers

polarbears@codnor.derbyshire.sch.uk        Year 2 Miss Wilson 

missbarton@codnor.derbyshire.sch.uk       Year 2/Year 3 Miss Barton

missmckirdy@codnor.derbyshire.sch.uk     Year 3/Year 4 Miss McKirdy 

mrbuckle@codnor.derbyshire.sch.uk          Year 4/Year 5 Mr Buckle 

mrsgoodburn@codnor.derbyshire.sch.uk   Year 5 Mrs Goodburn 

year6@codnor.derbyshire.sch.uk                Year 6 Mrs Hibbitt