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Hamper collection

If you have registered your child's name for a hamper, you can come up to the school field to collect it on Friday 3rd April between 12.00 midday and 2.00PM. The tables will be split into classes and spread apart as much as possible for social distancing purposes.


If the weather does not allow this, then the tables will be spread out in the upper school hall.


For parents/carers who have children in more than one class, all their hampers will be on the table of the oldest child. E.g. someone with a child in both Mr Buckle's and Mrs Rogers' classes will find both their hampers on Mr Buckle's table.


All hampers will have children's names on them, and a register will be taken. If for any reason you would like someone else to collect your hamper, please tell school about it beforehand by emailing this information to meals@codnor.derbyshire.sch.uk. If you cannot email, you can inform us by phone, but email would be preferable.


This is a fluid situation, and if anything has to change regarding these arrangements then we'll let you know. As always, please keep an eye on our website (and Facebook if you're into all that).


After Easter, school may be moving towards providing vouchers. We'll let you know about this, as we're waiting on more information from the DfE and Derbyshire County Council.

Thanks, and we hope you're all well.