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To make social distancing work in reducing the spread of COVID-19, the government says that if it is at all possible for children to be looked after at home, they should be. Many parents who are key workers may be able to ensure their child remains at home. Every child who can be safely cared for at home should be.

Information about who is considered a key worker is available here on the government's site.

At school, we are providing education packs for children who are learning from home. These will be available next week – we’ll let you know when. There are also some activities on our website here.

Children who are attending school will not be covering our usual curriculum. They will complete some of the same work from the packs, but will also do a topic-based project which will involve different subjects. Depending on numbers, the children will be taught together.

This provision will not be the same as a normal school day, and children will not be required to wear school uniform.

Lunch will follow exactly the same routines as normal. School dinners will be provided, and children may bring sandwiches.

There may be days when you can keep your child at home. Following the government's guidelines, this is preferable, but you must ring the school office in the morning so that we know your child is safe at home.


On the morning of Monday 23rd March, the upper school hall will open from 8.45AM. All children who have been previously registered must report to there, including nursery children. Our staff will be there to receive them.


Some parents have asked if there will be provision during the Easter holidays. This is currently under review but if this was to happen, it would most likely be provided by a third-party company.

Again, the key message here is to minimise the risk. If you can keep your children safe at home, then you should do that.