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Our New Teacher

Hello everyone. Mr Blake typing here.


Some of you will know by now that Miss Harriet McKirdy will be taking over from Mr Rob Sellers, and we want to welcome her warmly to our school. In the current climate, it's probably the most unusual way to start a new teaching job, ever. Miss McKirdy is an experienced teacher who really shone throughout the interview process and I know that she will be a valued member of our school community.


As you can imagine, we had planned in some time for Miss McKirdy to meet her class and to meet the children's parents; and also some time to thank Mr Sellers properly and publicly. Because of the closures, sadly these things couldn't happen.


All of us here at Codnor Primary want to thank Mr Rob Sellers for all the great work he has done for our school – as a teacher, and a respected colleague. We also want to thank him for lending his expertise as we began to develop our revised curriculum. Mr Sellers will be missed, and we very much hope that he will work with our school and community again in the future.


As always, please feel free to get in touch using our contact details if you have any questions.


I hope you're all ok, and I am so looking forward to seeing you all again when we're at the other end of this tunnel.


The best of wishes to you and yours,


Mr Blake