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Y3&4 Athletics Champions!

It was the turn of our Year 3 and 4 children on Tuesday night, and they were looking to go one better than last years year 3 and 4s by winning the competition. We had 14 children in our team, with two girls at their first ever competition, but every single one of them performed brilliantly. We started the competition on Speed Bounce with every child scoring 30 or more, which was a fantastic start, and this was followed by some brilliant Chest Push Throws and super Standing Long Jumps to give us a great score in the field events.

We moved on to the relay races next with the boys finishing the obstacle race in 1st place and the girls in 3rd place which was an excellent start. In the hurdle and sprint races, both boys and girls performed brilliantly, finishing the races in the top 4 leaving us with an excellent chance of finishing in the top 3.

When it came to the results we were left in the top 3 and we were told that there was 40 points between 1st and 3rd place - in the end we were delighted to find out we would be crowned champions for the second time in a week leaving us extremely proud of our athletics teams for 2019!


Well done to our teams and to all our staff and parents who have supported along the way.