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July 22 - Visit from the farm!

We were very lucky this half term to get a visit from a farm. We learnt a lot about the farm animals and got the chance to stroke them and brush them. I think some of us could be farmers when we are older!

Friday 1st July 2022

We joined the whole school in celebrating 'Sparkle Day'. We read 'The Rainbow Fish', and talked about how he was unique with his shiny scales. We thought about how we are unique and how we 'sparkle'. We worked together to decorate a big fish for a whole-school display and we drew pictures of ourselves and how we sparkle. 

9th June 2022

We were very lucky to have Jungle Jo come in and show us different animals from around the World. We learnt a lot of interesting facts about them and we get to hold or stroke the animals. There was a cockroach, millipede, a stick insect, a tree frog, a snake, a lizard and a tarantula!

Friday 27th May

As a school, we commemorated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee together. The morning children had a small party with music and scones! In the afternoon, we listened to a steel band and enjoyed ice lollies. We enjoyed making hats and flags for the occasion and we had jubilee themed activities in the classroom. 

February 2022 - Mental Health Week

To think about our Mental Health this week, we took part in lots of activities. We had the chance to sit around the firepit, drink hot chocolate and listen to a story. We kept warm and dry by wearing waterproofs and welly boots and we listened to the rules to keep safe around the fire. It was lots of fun! 

We also thought about our brains being like flowers. They need looking after in order to grow. We set up some daffodils and looked after them to make them grow!

February 2022 - Celebrating Chinese New Year

We had a lot of fun learning all about the celebration of Chinese New Year. We remembered that they have to clean the house to sweep away the bad luck and that they decorate the house with red and gold for good luck. We explored noodles and chopsticks, we tried to use chopsticks with the playdough and we had a go at writing Chinese good luck messages! We have enjoyed the Chinese home corner too! We read the Chinese story about the animals and learnt that it was the Year of the Tiger. We enjoyed reading the Tiger who came to Tea and we did a good job of painting tigers. 

November 21 - Diwali Day

We had lots of fun celebrating the Hindu Festival of Lights, which is called Diwali. We read the story 'Dipal's Diwali' and looked at all things that they did to celebrate this festival. We had a Diwali inspired home corner with special clothes and table decorations. We made Diva candles using Playdough and talked about the shapes that we used when we made Rangoli patterns on paper plates. We used our careful fingers to paint Mehndi patterns using cotton buds. We also learnt a Diwali dance to help us remember the Diwali traditions. 

October 21 - Harvest Festival Performance

This year for our Harvest Festival, we worked hard to learn the 'Dingle Dangle Scarecrow' song. This links to our work on Scarecrows and Harvest that we have done this half term. We had fun dancing and singing! We also worked very hard to learn the story of 'The enormous Turnip.' There are some tricky words in there and we did a great job of retelling the story using actions and words. We hope that you enjoy them!

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October 21

For our topic all about Autumn, we went outside on an Autumn walk. We kept safe by making sure we were warm and dry in our coats and welly boots. We found lots of signs of Autumn - leaves falling off the trees and puddles to splash in. We found some food (berries and mushroom) and talked about how to keep safe if we see these out and about. We know not to eat them and that they are for the birds and wildlife. We found some ladybirds with different patterns on them, which we could talk about. We also enjoyed exploring which way the wind was blowing by throwing leaves up in the air and seeing which direction they went. 

October 21 - Making a Scarecrow

For our Harvest Festival this year, we were set the task of making a Scarecrow. We looked at pictures of Scarecrows and talked about what they were made of. We used lots of different materials to make our Scarecrow and had to think of different ways that he could stand up!