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Phonics and Reading


In Nursery, we are using the whole school approach to phonics by teaching 'Foundations for phonics' in the Little Wandle scheme. We teach the key skills of oral blending and segmenting through fun games with 'Wanda the Wallaby.' Please see below a guide to what and why we teach phonics through this approach.  

I have also attached the sounds that we cover within 'Foundations for phonics,' so you understand how we pronounce those sounds. 


We believe in a life long love of reading and feel that it starts in Nursery. We develop a love of books and rhymes from the moment that the children start Nursery and develop these skills throughout their time with us. 

We use Little Wandle 'Foundations for a Love of Reading' planning to help us develop the children's knowledge and interests in different kinds of books and learn nursery rhymes and poems to support the teaching of the books. 

I have attached some helpful tips to support a child's love of reading at home :)

Bed Ted Workshop

We put on a workshop for parents to help identify the reasons behind having a good bedtime routine and stories can be a big part of that. 

We explored the idea of making a bedtime box with lots of different calming activities to do before starting the bedtime routine. 

We enjoyed sharing a hot milk and a biscuit with our bedtime story!


Bed Ted will be given out to a different child each week. He will be in a special bag with;

a bedtime blanket

a book for bedtime that the children can choose from our library

a diary for you and your child to record the fun you have had with bed ted

a sachet of hot chocolate for your child to share with bed ted at bed time