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Phonics and Reading

Home Reading


Please aim to read with your child for at least 10 minutes a night. Children will be given a fully decodable reading book each week to read. Please add any comments to their reading record. Children will change their book every week so please bring in their reading book every day. 


We aim to read with each child individually every two weeks minimum. 


If your child finished their reading book within the week, they can put it in our 'book change box'. Children will then be able to choose another reading book to take home for the remainder of the week. 


In addition to your child bringing books home from school, we encourage reading all types of print including:


• Comics

• Magazines

• Travel brochures

• Instructions

• Recipes

• Television guide

• Sports Programmes/reports

• Newspapers

• Poems

• Tapes/CD/Recorded stories

• Shopping lists

• Menus

Reading rewards


Your child has been given a chart to color each time they read. Once they have colored 20 squares, they can choose a prize from our reading reward chart and get 5 Dojo points. 

Little Wandle


We follow the 'Little Wandle' scheme for Phonics. You can find more information on the link below: 




Supporting reading at home 


Follow the links below for more information and support in helping your child with reading at home.