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Rocket Man (July 2015)

To end our Y5 science topic on Forces with a BANG, local rocket-enthusiast Frank Sharman visited our school - it was a gravity-defying experience! If you have an Elton John album, now's the time to play it.


After Frank showed us some videos of his appearances on the news, and talked about how his rockets worked, Y4 and 5 children made their own rockets (streamlined!) and launched them skyward with catapults.


In the afternoon, Frank set off some of his home-made rockets on the school field while all of the children stood back at a safe distance! Frank's rockets are all made from polystyrene-style, lightweight materials, so Mr Buckle's car survived the attack. smiley


Some children added parachutes to their own rockets after Frank's third rocket glided gracefully (and impressively) back down to Earth.


We hope you enjoy these pictures.

Letter from Frank

Frank kindly sent us a letter after his visit. Click to enlarge. We like his rocket stamps!

Thank you, Frank, for a super day - from all of us here at Codnor Primary. no