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Y5 School Magazines (May 2016)











As part of their English topic on Reports, Y5 children produced, published and sold their own school magazines... and made a bit of cash in the process!


Here's how it works:


  • In English lessons, learn how to write interesting reports.
  • Learn how to get the formality right.
  • Learn how to write open questions which don't offend anyone surprise. "You look old, Mr Blake - but how old are you REALLY?"
  • Learn how to quote people using direct and reported speech.
  • Team up, making sure that you have a range of people with different interests in your group.
  • Pick an EDITOR - the person with responsibility for driving the team.
  • Decide on articles which involve and interest your audience.
  • Interview people and get creative with each page.
  • Write the pages using Word and Publisher.
  • Proofread and PUBLISH!
  • Sell your magazine! no


Pictures of 'The Big Sell'

The children sold their magazines on the school field at breaktime.


Some sample pages

More to follow! Click to enlarge.