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Y6 SATs (May 2018)


Monday 14th May - and it's a testing time for our Y6s! The children worked so hard, showing amazing endurance and spirit, and tackled the SATs like professionals!


A good day begins with a great brekkie - and each morning, that's just what they got! smiley




A huge THANK YOU to our Catering Supervisor, Mrs Walker, for her brilliant breakfasts throughout the week, and to our members of staff who came along to serve up. We're all going to retire and open a cafe.


Relieving the pressure!

What better way to use up a bit of nervous energy? Ball games in the hall!


Thanks to our parents and staff

Our community here in Codnor is second-to-none. Each morning, the children arrived in school happy, ready and well-rested - thanks to our parents for your support (and, of course, for the lovely treats and gifts!) We also want to thank our dedicated staff, who worked tirelessly with the children to help them do their best. You are all very appreciated.



Thanks to our governors

From the opening of the papers to the final minutes, school governors kindly volunteered to oversee and jointly invigilate the tests, help with administration, and offer support.



Thanks to our children

Lastly - and most importantly - thanks to you, our amazing children. You have worked so hard, and we are proud of you.