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For our curriciulum 'Where do rainbows come from?' we had a 'colour day' Reception and learned all about the different colours in a rainbow. We made our own rainbows using colours and skittles and explored with mixing different colours. One of our children brought in their prism and kaleidoscope which we were all very excited about! 



After our visit from Pete and reading the story 'Pete the cat', we created a story map together and the children then used their retelling skills to make some fantastic independent story maps! 


In Phonics this week, we have been practising writing our learned sounds outside. We have been practising forming the letters correctly and we have even started to write some words! Well done Reception! 


This week we have been looking at the story 'The Colour Monster'. We have been talking about our emotions and talking about what might make us happy, angry, scared and sad. The children have had lots of fun making their own colour monster and exploring with colours. We have also been busy sorting objects in Maths. We have been sorting by shape, colour, texture, pattern and size. I wonder if you can sort some objects in different ways at home?


What a fantastic week we have had starting Reception! The children have settled fantastically and have enjoyed spending lots of time in our provision areas. We have been exploring our creative area, home corner, construction, writing area and water area and have also spent lots of time outside. We even spent time exploring our shadows! I am so proud of everyone and I look forward to our learning this year.