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15.06.22 Our local area 


We have been looking at google maps to explore our local area and where we live. We then had lots of opportunity to use the laptop and explore by ourselves! We worked together to use the laptops and showed resilience when we ended up going the wrong way! 

14.06.22 Map skills


After looking at our local area on google maps, we were interested in making our own. We talked about the word orienteering and looked a real map, talking about position and how we might need to orientate ourselves or our map. We then made a map of the school field, talking about whether something was in front of us, behind us, left, or right.  

13.06.22 Where do we live? 


As part of our topic, we have been looking at houses all around the world. Why do some people live in houses that have stilts? Why do some people live in houses that can move to different places? We then used different resources to independently make our own different types of houses. We made log cabins, apartment buildings, caravans, houses on stilts and even canal boats! 

07.06.22 Habitats 


This week, we have been looking at where we live and different places around the world. We had a very special visitor, Jungle Jo. She brought in lots of animals around the world and we learned lots of facts about them. We then talked about all of the different habitats and countries these animals lived. 

09.05.22 Minibeast hunt


This week we have been hunting for minibeasts! We have been talking about the features and habitats about where minibeasts live and writing our own facts. 

02.05.22 Making numbers to 20

This week we have been looking at the composition of numbers to 20. We have been talking abotu how many tens and ones different numbers up to 20 have. We used cubes, numicon, dienes and a number line to help us. Some of us have even been writing our own numbers and working out how many tens and ones it has! 

07.04.22 Palm Sunday

During our learning about Palm Sunday, we made our own Palm leaves. We used different materials to make our leaves then acted out the story. 

05.04.22 Library time

Every Friday, we now have change to explore the Library. We really enjoyed looking at all the different books and sharing them with each other. We chose our favourite to take back to class and read again together. 

07.04.22 Bucket lists

We have really enjoyed showing our bucket lists to our friends this week! We all spent time showing our friends and looking at each others fantastic home learning! 


We have really enjoyed holding and looking after our 10 chicks this week! 

01/04/22 Chick pictures 


The children have been very excited by our chicks and have created their own chick pictures independently using different resources. 

30.03.22 Dinosaurs! 

We had so much fun with our special dinosaur visitor! We saw a velociraptor, stegosaurus and even a T- Rex! We then learned about fossils and got to hunt for fossils. We learned all about being a Paleontologist! 



28/03/22 Chicks 


We have had more visitors in Reception! This week, our eggs arrived linked to our topic 'What comes from eggs?'. The children have loved watching our chicks hatch and grow. We have been talking about chick facts, writing about what they need, creating observational drawings and pictures and talked about what other animals come from eggs. 

14.03.22- Caterpillars. 


We have had very special visitors in Reception the last few weeks. We are very excited to watch our caterpillars grow and change. We have been talking about life cycles and how animals and people grow and change. 

14.03.22- All about Dinosaurs!

We have been learning all about Dinosaurs in Reception! We have been looking at dinosaur facts, and talking about herbivores and carnivores. We then made out own dinosaur poo! We have also been making our own fossils and dinosaurs, and writing facts about our favourites. 

01.03.22 Shrove Tuesday

We have been busy learning all about Lent and what this means. We then made our own pancakes! It was tricky to use the knife and fork! 

09.02.22- Stickman

This week we have been looking at the story 'Stickman'. We have been creating our own sticks using collage materials- what fantastic pictures! Keep checking the website for an update on all the other exciting activities we have been doing about the story! 


As part of mental health week, we enjoyed drinks and story time around the firepit! 


We are really enjoying exploring our outdoor area. Here, we have opportunities to climb, ride, explore and work together to build and create. We have been enjoying using the mud kitchen, bikes, water area and our large construction to make obstacle courses. We are getting really confident at working as a team and helping each other. 

07.02.22- Mental health week

We had a great time learning all about how important it is to keep our minds and brains healthy, and practised lots of different ways we could do this such as talking a break and talking to others. We even did some yoga!


We also talked about how we grow and created our own flowers. 


We really enjoyed writing using large paper and we can't wait to do it again very soon! 


We had a wonderful time learning all about Chinese New Year! We made masks, did some Chinese ribbon dancing outside, made out own Chinese New Year cards, had lots of fun trying to write symbols and even learned some words! 



This week in Maths, we have been looking at how we can make 5. We used a five frame to make 5 in different ways and have been making our own number sentences which is something we will keep on practising! 



We have started our computing lessons in Reception and we then enjoyed exploring with the laptops independently. Well done! 



We have been very busy this week creating polar animal paintings, talking about the features of the south pole and how it is different to England and creating our own penguins using different materials. We also wrote letters to The Boy and the penguin and have been creating our own life cycle wheels independently. 



Welcome back Reception! This week we have been busy looking at our story 'Lost and Found'. We came back to school with a letter from The Boy telling us he had lost his penguin! We then made penguin lost posters and put them up around school until someone found our penguin! We have had fun looking at penguins and the penguin life cycle, talking about what might be in the egg and waiting for it to hatch. 



We had a very special visit from our Elf 'Elfie'. He left a letter for us and was surrounded by snow and carrots! We talked about what might have happened and read the letter together. He had also taken a video for us of something very exciting that happened in our classroom! 


Still image for this video



Last week we were very busy making junk model rockets. The children were all very independent and chose lots of different resources they wanted to use! 

video-1637622089 (1).mp4

Still image for this video
We had a very special visitor this week- a spaceship crashed in our school! We went on a search for spaceship parts and found some metal and wood parts. We found a letter from Q Pootle 5 all about his rocket crash and had to help plan a space party for him while he fixed his spaceship!



This week in Maths, we have been exploring the composition of numbers 4 and 5. We have been learning how to partition numbers up to 5. WOW, what amazing Maths Reception! 



We have been very busy looking at Bonfire Night. We learned about the story Guy Fawkes, learned how to stay safe during bonfire night, made firework biscuits and toffee apples and used lots of different media to create our own firework and bonfire pictures. We then spent time talking about what we might be doing during bonfire night and what we might see. 



We have been learning all about the celebration Diwali which links to our topic 'Are we all the same?'. We have been talking about what Hindu's celebrate, what happens in Diwali and how we all have different celebrations and special times. We made rangoli patterns, read lots of non- fiction books, dressed up in tradition clothes and danced to traditional music. 



This week we have been looking at the different seasons and how seasons are different all over the world. We have also been looking at the different weather we might find in different places. The children then created their own seasons and weather wheels independently. We found using split pins tricky and are looking forward to practising! 



This week, we have been learning all about  measuring. We have been measuring length, height and weight using scales and cubes and ordering objects by length, weight and height. Reception enjoyed exploring with balance scales and found lots of objects to measure independently. Well done everybody! 



In Phonics, we have been practising recognising both capital and lowercase letters. We each had a capital letter or lower case card and had to find our partner before the timer ran out! We really enjoyed playing this game! 



For our curriciulum 'Where do rainbows come from?' we had a 'colour day' Reception and learned all about the different colours in a rainbow. We made our own rainbows using colours and skittles and explored with mixing different colours. One of our children brought in their prism and kaleidoscope which we were all very excited about! 



After our visit from Pete and reading the story 'Pete the cat', we created a story map together and the children then used their retelling skills to make some fantastic independent story maps! 


In Phonics this week, we have been practising writing our learned sounds outside. We have been practising forming the letters correctly and we have even started to write some words! Well done Reception! 


This week we have been looking at the story 'The Colour Monster'. We have been talking about our emotions and talking about what might make us happy, angry, scared and sad. The children have had lots of fun making their own colour monster and exploring with colours. We have also been busy sorting objects in Maths. We have been sorting by shape, colour, texture, pattern and size. I wonder if you can sort some objects in different ways at home?


What a fantastic week we have had starting Reception! The children have settled fantastically and have enjoyed spending lots of time in our provision areas. We have been exploring our creative area, home corner, construction, writing area and water area and have also spent lots of time outside. We even spent time exploring our shadows! I am so proud of everyone and I look forward to our learning this year.