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July 2022 - Water Day!

We have had a great time with the Reception children on our water day. The weather wasn't quite as we would have hoped, but we had fun getting wet!! We also enjoyed an ice cream treat for snack time :)

July 2022 - EYFS Sports Day

We all had a great time on our sports day. We all worked well together in our teams and had lots of fun joining in with the games. It was great to see our friends and family cheering us on!


We enjoyed reading the book 'Pirates love underpants.' We tested different materials that we thought would float and made pirate ships out of them. We then tested our boats in the water to see if they would float!

Friday 6th May

We did so well in our maths lessons learning all about 3D shapes that we finished off the week by eating spheres of ice cream and cone wafers! We were good at naming these shapes!

Week beginning 2nd May 2022

We enjoyed reading the Julia Donaldson story 'A squash and a squeeze.' We linked this to our maths work and decided to make a bigger house for the characters in the story. We did a very good job of using shapes for a purpose and linking it to the story. 

Week beginning 25th April

We read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and thought it would be a great idea to plant our own beanstalks. We used soil, put the bean seed into it and watered the seed. We cut out our own giant castles and hopefully our beanstalks will grow up to the castle, just like it does in the story!


We have been very excited to have real eggs in our classroom. We kept them warm in the incubator and we were very lucky to see them hatch as we were there! All 10 eggs have hatched so we then made the brooder for them. We are looking forward to taking care of them!

Library visit

We got chance to visit our new school Library. We enjoyed looking at all the different books that are in there!

29th March - Signs of Spring walk

We went for a walk around the school to see if we could spot signs of Spring. We found lots, including daffodils, buds, blossom and even frogspawn in the pond!


We are very excited to have real caterpillars in our Nursery. We are enjoying watching them grow and change. We can't wait to see when they turn into butterflies!

World Book Day - 3rd March 2022

We had a great time for World Book Day. We had different activities on the table based around our favourite books. We came to Nursery in come great outfits to help celebrate too! 

Pancake Day!

We loved learning about the celebration of Pancake Day. We read the story 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes' and helped him to write a shopping list. We used the ingredients that he brought to make some pancake mix, which we enjoyed exploring in the tuff spot tray! We got the classroom so messy that we had to help clean it up at the end of the day!

Exploring ice

We loved exploring the ice this week. It was very cold but we discovered how we can make it melt. We enjoyed painting the ice and trying to break it using the small hammers. Watch our fingers!!

Look how much fun we have been having this half term! We have been very busy, building big models, exploring the rain, practising our drawing and writing and so much more!!!

Week beginning 24th January

We began looking at materials this week. We thought about how Arctic animals keep warm all the time. We discovered that materials feel different and that they have different purposes. We found materials that would keep an animal warm, so we made houses out of junk modelling to make a warm house for Pop the mouse and Puzzle the panda to stay in. 

January 22 - when we were making bird feeders for the birds, we noticed lots of litter in our school. We had the conversation about this hurting the animals and not being good for the environment, so we took responsibility and went litter picking around the school. 

Week beginning 10th and 17th January 2022

First in Maths we have been looking at the number 1.  Ted had a 1st birthday party and we wrote him a number 1 birthday card and we wrapped him 1 present. We looked at the artist called Kandinsky, who created artwork using circles and we created our own. We also watched and explored the Numberblocks video 'all about 1.'

Friday 5th November

We had a fun time learning all about Bonfire Night and how we celebrate it. We enjoyed making the chocolate apples and dipping them in sprinkles. We talked about what happens to the chocolate when it is heated up. We kept safe when the teacher used the microwave. 

Week beginning 1st November

We enjoyed learning all about how fireworks were used to celebrate Diwali and Bonfire Night. We used our strong arm and finger muscles to draw big firework shapes on the paint programme. How many colours and shapes can you see?

Week beginning 1st November

Linked to PSHE and our Codnor Star, Safety First, we were thinking about all the ways that we could keep safe and who might be able to help us keep safe. We enjoyed exploring the road track with the bikes and scooters and we learnt how to ride them safely, whist watching out for pedestrians and the roadworks in the road!

October 21

After reading 'The Colour Monster' and 'Pete the Cat,' we have learnt about the different colours that make up the rainbow. We have used the different primary colours and mixed them together to make new colours. It's like magic!! We painted Colour Monster's pink and Pete the Cats shoes purple, green and violet!

September 21

We went on a colour hunt around the School to see what colours we could spot. We found lots!

Settling into Nursery


We have had fun playing with our new friends and exploring the Nursery, both inside and outside!